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Peer Evaluations are done by student teams at the request of a faculty member. Usually, the faculty member will setup the peer evaluation and will need to know the following information

  • Start date - when to email the student team about the evaluation. Teams can start before this

  • End date - when to email the student team Teams can end after this provided the faculty hasn't created the report.

  • Learning Ojbectives for each team member (optional)

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  • The peer evaluation for a team is always ready, theoretically a team could start one on their own

  • A team would not need to do a peer evaluation twice. If they had to, a system admin would clean out the data or alter the foreign keys to appear as if a peer evaluation had not been done for that team


  • Students should not be able to see the peer evaluations for other students

  • Any faculty can see the peer evaluation for a team

This component was originally written by Russel Reed (Class of 2010) and integrated by Todd Sedano. Student teams can provide 360 review feedback when prompted by the faculty.

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.is_completed_for?(user_id, team_id) ⇒ Boolean


  • (Boolean)

# File 'app/models/peer_evaluation_review.rb', line 36

def self.is_completed_for?(user_id, team_id)
  !PeerEvaluationReview.where({:team_id => team_id, :author_id => user_id}).empty?