Torrentz2 Proxy List for 2022 - Working Torrentz2 Mirror

Torrentz was once the popular torrent search engine for finding and downloading torrent files. In fact, it came to be known as the "Google of Torrents". But after the original Torrentz team closed, the legacy continued with a torrentz2, a second version. But again, increasing censorship has restricted access to the torrentz2 site in many countries and ISPs. Hence the need for Torrentz2 proxy sites arises.

Here in this article, you can get Torrentz2 proxies to unblock and search the Torrentz2 site on your network. We also include a list of Torrentz2 mirror sites along with 5 other alternative websites.

Torrentz2 Proxy & Mirror List 2022

Below is a list of Torrentz2 proxy sites that we have carefully selected on the internet. The following list of Torrentz2 proxy sites is regularly updated and checked. All of Torrentz2's proxy and mirror sites can be opened directly in your browser.

About Torrentz

After many torrent sites were launched around the world, it was necessary to introduce a search engine to crawl all available torrent files. As with everything else on the internet, not all torrent trackers have content that is right for you, and browsing through all of that data can take some time. This is why Torrentz was released to index all torrent files available online. Often referred to as the Google of Torrent Search, Torrent will list the most suitable results for your search. However, it is now not that easy to access Torrentz. And even if they changed their name to Torrentz2, a reliable Torrentz EU proxy is required to access the site.

Torrentz2 is a new torrent search engine that was launched in response to the closure of the original website. The website was created by an anonymous group of developers who took inspiration from the original Torrentz team. Its mission is to give users unrestricted access to all files on the Internet, including movies, games, and music. You can find what you want with this search engine as it indexes millions of torrents from different websites around the world.

Frequently asked questions

What happened to Torrentz2?

In 2020, the EURid registry blocked the domain. This happened after the search received an order from the Belgian public prosecutor in Brussels. As a result, once again people ran out of favorite torrentz proxy sites to download all of their favorite content.

Is Torrentz2 EU blocked?

The domain was recently blocked for EURid registration because the site is currently closed. Torrentz2 is a popular name in torrent downloading and file sharing. This site originally served as a torrent search engine for various files on the internet.

What is the Torrentz2 EU alternative?

You can find best alternative torrent sites at

How do Torrentz2 proxies work?

The main function of a torrent proxy site is to provide an interface to download torrent files without using the VPN as the main domains are generally restricted by the ISP.