Beaker library to use docker hypervisor

How to use this wizardry

This gem that allows you to use hosts with docker hypervisor with beaker.

Right Now? (beaker 3.x)

This gem is already included as beaker dependency for you, so you don't need to do anything special to use this gem's functionality with beaker.

In beaker's Next Major Version? (beaker 4.x)

In beaker's next major version, the requirement for beaker-docker will be pulled from that repo. When that happens, then the usage pattern will change. In order to use this then, you'll need to include beaker-docker as a dependency right next to beaker itself.

Spec tests

Spec test live under the spec folder. There are the default rake task and therefore can run with a simple command:

bundle exec rake test:spec

Acceptance tests

There is a simple rake task to invoke acceptance test for the library:

bundle exec rake test:acceptance


Please refer to puppetlabs/beaker's contributing guide.