This library adds the ability to send http traffic from the beaker coordinator itself, reducing the need to use beaker's DSL method on as an interface to curl on a SUT(System Under Test). It utilizes the Faraday library to generate requests, and the Connection class in the Beaker::Http module is the class you want to use directly, either utilizing it directly or subclassing it to build your own Connection class.

Please use the DSL methods included in this library here. Reference the rubydocs for more information on how to use these methods.

spec testing

Spec tests all live under the spec folder. These are the default rake task, & so can be run with a simple bundle exec rake, as well as being fully specified by running bundle exec rake test:spec:run or using the test:spec task.

acceptance testing

The acceptance folder currently contains one acceptance test that demonstrates how to use this in a beaker test; as we refine this module and solidify the API, more thorough acceptance testing will be coming. For now, please use that test as an example of how to use this library.