The Puppet Enterprise (PE) Beaker Library

What is This Thing?

The PE Beaker library contains all PE-specific

  1. installation methods
  2. helpers

that help someone acceptance test PE easier with Beaker.

Spec Testing

Spec tests all live under the spec folder. These are the default rake task, & so can be run with a simple bundle exec rake, as well as being fully specified by running bundle exec rake test:spec:run or using the test:spec task.

There are also code coverage tests built into the template, which can be run with spec testing by running the test:spec:coverage rake task.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance tests live in the acceptance/tests folder. These are Beaker tests, & are dependent on having Beaker installed. Note that this will happen with a bundle install execution, but can be avoided if you're not looking to run acceptance tests by ignoring the acceptance_testing gem group.

You can run the acceptance testing suite by invoking the test:acceptance rake task. It should be noted that this is a shortcut for the test:acceptance:quick task, which is named as such because it uses no pre-suite. This uses a default provided hosts file for acceptance under the acceptance/config directory. If you'd like to provide your own hosts file, set the CONFIG environment variable.