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Yet another rails admin UI.

Why do we need another one?

Most admin UIs need to be hacked or bent to support engines. This admin UI thinks engines first, main-app second. ;)


Administrador thinks in engines, resources and services.


If you are using rails <= 4.0 you have to add the responders gem to you Gemfile:

ruby gem 'responders'


Add this line to your application’s Gemfile:

ruby gem 'administrador'

And then execute: bash $ bundle

Or install it yourself as: bash $ gem install administrador

Run the rails generator: bash $ rails g administrador:install


Look at the initializer at config/initializers/administrador.rb for configuration options.

Adding and engine to administrador

ruby Administrador.configure do |config| config.register_engine 'Blorgh::Engine', {} end ### Stylesheets and Javascripts

Administrador assumes, that you have an application.js and application.css in your engine. For example if you have a Blorgh-Engine, you should have following files inside the engine:

/app/assets/javascripts/blorgh/application.js /app/assets/stylesheets/blorgh/application.css


Go to /en/backend and enjoy your admin UI.


Contribution directions go here.


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.