The ultimate library to test cowsay while writing those stressful beaker tests!

What is this thing?

The Cowsay Beaker library contains everything you need to:

  • Install cowsay on your ubuntu SUTs
  • Run cowsay on your ubuntu SUTs

Note: This library is confined to Ubuntu OSs only, in future it might be expanded to support other OSs


  • Rubydocs contains the technical reference for API. They describe how it works and how to use it.

Spec testing

Spec test live under the spec folder. There are the default rake task and therefore can run with a simple command: bundle exec rake test:spec.

Acceptance testing

All the acceptance tests live in acceptance folder. These are Beaker tests and are dependent on having Beaker installed.

You can run the acceptance testing suite by invoking the bundle exec rake test:acceptance task. This command will run a pre-suite located at acceptance/config/pre_suite folder. This uses a default provided hosts file of vagrant ubuntu for acceptance under the acceptance/config/nodes folder. If you'd like to provide your own hosts file, set the CONFIG environment variable. There is a host file provided for Redhat and Ubuntu on VMPooler in the same directory and can be used by running CONFIG=acceptance/config/nodes/<host>.yaml.