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This project uses continuous integration to help ensure that a quality product is delivered. Travis CI monitors two branches (versions) of the code - Master (which is what gets released) and Staging (which is what is currently being developed ready for moving to master).

Ruby Versions

This gem supports the following versions of ruby, it may work on other versions but is not tested against them so don't rely on it.

  • 2.3.0
  • 2.3.1
  • 2.4.0

SNMP Table Viewer

Easily view SNMP tables. The data in the table can be easily converted and formatted in a number of ways.


Add to your Gemfile and run the bundle command to install it.

gem 'snmp_table_viewer', '~> 0.0'


Usage: snmp-table-viewer [options]
    -h, -?, --help                   Prints this help.
        --headings HEADINGS          Headings to use in the table (e.g. "A, Bc, D").
        --headings-for TYPE          Use headings for this table type (ifTable).
        --format FORMAT              How to format the output (table|csv|json|raw) (default table).
        --converter CONVERTER        A converter to run on the data before formatting (iftable).

SNMP common options:
    -v, --version VERSION            SNMP version to use (1|2|3|) (default 3).
        --host HOST                  The host to connect to.
        --port PORT                  p PORT
                                     SNMP port to connect to (default 161).
        --base-oid OID               The oid at the start of the table. Can by dotted numbers or ifTable

SNMP version 1 and 2 options:
    -c, --comunity COMMUNITY         SNMP comunity (default "public").

SNMP version 3 options:
    -u, --user, --username USER      SNMP user.
    -l, --security-level LEVEL       Security level to use (no_auth|auth_no_priv|auth_priv).
    -a AUTH_PROTOCOL,                Authentication protocol to use (MD5|SHA) (default MD5).
    -A AUTH_PASSWORD,                Authentication password to use.
    -x PRIV_PROTOCOL,                Privacy protocol to use (DES|AES) (default DES).
    -X PRIV_PASSWORD,                Privacy password to use.

Table formatter options:
        --[no-]transpose-table       Transpose the output table (swap rows and columns).

Documentation & Versioning

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We follow the Semantic Versioning concept,