Octo Mate

Chrome extension to enhance GitHub experiences.

Octo Mate Icon





1. Single file download can't be easier with one-click

GitHub enable you download download codebase as a zip very easy, but it's painful to download a stand-alone file. Octo Mate made download file easy by click the icon of file.

click icon to download

Amazing native-like 'Download' button in file detail page!

click icon to download

2. Open repo's Github Pages with one-click

click to go to Github Pages

3. Show Repo Size

show repo size

4. Show unread notifications in the toolbar, no need to open the page again.

show notifications

5. Adjust Tab Space smartly, make it display tab characters as 4 spaces wide instead of the default 8.

6. Sticky side-panel for favorites & markdown-outline(thanks to @zbycz)

show notifications


  • Download folder on one click
  • Display file line count in an earlier way
  • Similar Repositories


  • Thanks for smart ideas and great work from @vohof, @riophae, @groseb, @zbycz etc.
  • Github-cheat-sheet


Released under the terms of MIT License