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publican_creators are a small tool for daily DocBook writers who are using the Redhat publican tool publican_creators asks after launching which title, type and environment should be used. Then it starts publican with that settings and works then with the produced files. It will work on the Article_Info.xml, Book_Info.xml, TITLE.ent, Author_Group.xml and Revision_History.xml and will replace the default values with your name, your company, your company_divison and your private or your business email address, depending on your chosen environment. Also, you can set your config file that you want to remove the Title Logo or the Legal Notice. As a feature, it ships a build script for each project.

The History.rdoc contains a detailed description of what has changed.

hoe-reek is released under the GPL3 License, see the file 'License.rdoc' for more information.

The official website is:


  • GUI to control publican


$ publican_creators.rb (Main program)
$ revision_creator.rb (The revision updater)

Or just use the Launcher.

This Gem was programmed and tested on Linux systems. If anyone would like to make the methods also fit for other OS, I'm happy about Pull requests.


  • nokogiri

  • parseconfig

  • rainbow

  • notifier

REQUIREMENTS (hard dependencies):

  • yad

  • publican (a 4.x version is needed)


The installation is very easy.

gem install publican_creators
cd /path/to/gem (In case of using RVM ~/.rvm/gems/ruby-$RUBYVERSION/gems/publican_creators)

You have to run the setup after each gem update.


After checking out the source, run:

$ rake newb

This task will install any missing dependencies, run the tests/specs, and generate the RDoc.