Ruby API wrapper for the Autotask WebService API

Sample code:

client = do |c|
  c.basic_auth = ['[email protected]', 'mypassword']
  c.wsdl = ''

query = do |query|
  query.entity = 'contact'
  query.field = 'firstname'
  query.expression = 'Joe'

client.query = query

Webservices endpoints:

Autotask usually requires you to talk to a specific webservices endpoint. If you do not know the endpoint you're supposed to be talking to, you can use the getZoneInfo call of the API to find out.

client = do |c|
  c.basic_auth = ['[email protected]', 'mypassword']
  c.wsdl = ''
  c.log = true

puts client.zone_info('[email protected]')

This will result in a bunch of XML, like so:

<getZoneInfoResponse xmlns="">

For this user, then, you should use webservices7 as the API endpoint.