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This is a ruby library for reading self-ml files. It is mostly finished, just needs a good polish.

It will only parse correctly formed files, returning an error otherwise.


    gem install self-ml


Read in a .selfml file and pretty print it

require 'selfml'

document = SelfML.parse( "file.selfml" ) # SelfML.parse expects a string and returns a SelfML::Document.
puts document.to_s                                 # SelfML::AST::Document.to_s provides the document in pretty printing format.


How to Contribute

code digger

  1. fork
  2. code
  3. pull request

API user

  1. test the library with your files
  2. submit an issue to the issue tracker


See issue tracker.


  • locks - ruby implementation
  • alexgordon - creating self-ml and clearing up the grammer
  • devyn - helpful support
  • atamis - alternative ruby implementation, inspiration
  • kschiess - creating parslet and schooling me on how to use it