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an artsy any-platform app kit <https://github.com/Shoes3/shoes3>

The source described below is at https://github.com/shoes3/shoes and you can follow a blog at http://walkabout.mvmanila.com


This is Shoes 3.3 (Walkabout). Download binaries for your platfrom from http://shoesrb.com

Earlier releases of Shoes were Raisins, Policeman and Federales (2.0, 3.1 and 3.2) There is a Shoes 4 under development. For historical reasons (the color of the icon in Raisins), it's also called Red Shoes. Red Shoes is written in C (and some Objective C on the Mac). Shoes 4 is written in Java.

Federales was a maintenance release to keep Red Shoes current with modern Linux, OSX, and Windows distributions and newer versions of Ruby and ruby gems. Federales didn't really add any new features to Shoes except that it works now. The packaging ability is working again!

Walkabout (Shoes 3.3) does add new features to Shoes Features that may not be compatible with Shoes 4.

  • new options for packaging.
  • Uses a more modern Ruby (2.2.+) and Ruby Gems (2.4.+)
  • Shoes can display SVG files and sub-sections (group name) of them.
  • Video widgets work again. Dependent on all kinds of thing Shoes can't control.

Shoes 3.3.4 - Not released yet, but beta's exist

Remember, no one is happy if the Shoes don't fit so report your bug.