Send SMS in Ruby

In this tutorial, you will use the sinch_sms gem to send an sms with Sinch. For pricing information about our SMS API by destination, visit

Set up

  1. Create a Sinch developer account at
  2. In your developer dashboard, click Apps in the left menu
  3. Click create new app
  4. Name your app, and click create
  5. Take note of your app key and secret, you will need them in a few minutes
  6. Install the gem using gem install sinch_sms

Send an SMS via the API

To require the gem, use:

require 'sinch_sms'

To send an SMS:

SinchSms.send('app-key', 'app-secret', 'message', 'to-phone-number')

The send method returns a json with the messageId, like so:

    "MessageId": 123456789

You can use this result to check the status of this message like so:

SinchSms.status('app-key', 'app-secret', '123456789')

Checking the status of a message will return one of four values:

  • Unknown - The status if the provided message id is not known
  • Pending - The message is in the process of being delivered
  • Successful - The message has been delivered to the recipient
  • Faulted - The message has not been delivered, this can be due to an invalid number for instance.

That's all! If you have any questions about our SMS API, feel free to comment below, email us at [email protected], or tweet us at @SinchDev.