= mogilefs-client

A Ruby MogileFS client

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Please email Eric Wong at [email protected] as well since
he finds web interfaces difficult to use.

Source repository (git):

git://repo.or.cz/ruby-mogilefs-client.git (mirror)
http://repo.or.cz/r/ruby-mogilefs-client.git (mirror)

Repository browsers:

* http://git.bogomips.org/cgit/mogilefs-client.git (cgit)
* http://repo.or.cz/w/ruby-mogilefs-client.git (gitweb mirror)

== About

A Ruby MogileFS client. MogileFS is a distributed filesystem written
by Danga Interactive. This client only supports HTTP.

For information on MogileFS see:


== Installing mogilefs-client

First you need a MogileFS setup. You can find information on how to do
that at the above URL.

Then install the gem:

$ sudo gem install mogilefs-client

== Using mogilefs-client

# Create a new instance that will communicate with these trackers:
hosts = %w[]
mg = MogileFS::MogileFS.new(:domain => 'test', :hosts => hosts)

# Stores "A bunch of text to store" into 'some_key' with a class of 'text'.
mg.store_content 'some_key', 'text', "A bunch of text to store"

# Retrieve data from 'some_key'
data = mg.get_file_data 'some_key'

# Store the contents of 'image.jpeg' into the key 'my_image' with a class of
# 'image'.
mg.store_file 'my_image', 'image', 'image.jpeg'

# Store the contents of 'image.jpeg' into the key 'my_image' with a class of
# 'image' using an open IO.
File.open 'image.jpeg', 'rb' do |fp|
mg.store_file 'my_image', 'image', fp

# Remove the key 'my_image' and 'some_key'.
mg.delete 'my_image'
mg.delete 'some_key'


This client is only supported in HTTP mode. NFS mode was previously
supported in 1.3.x, but since MogileFS 2.x has dropped support for
NFS, this client has removed support for it.