A library to use the Bloomberg Java API from jruby


So far the following requests can be made:

  • HistoricalDataRequest
  • ReferenceDataRequest

We'll be working on adding all the requests supported by the Java API, including "subscriptions".

Feel free to pitch in :)


TODO: add examples. For now look at the specs for a couple of examples


  • The Bloomberg Java API jar


$ gem install bberg

The gem comes with a drb server to make it simpler to use the API from several processes on the same machine (multiple machines not allowed by the Java API copyright, same applies here):

$ bberg_drb_server

To create a stand alone executable do the following from a CMD prompt after checking out the git repo (for example it does't work from within cygwin):

$ gem install rawr
$ bundle install
$ bundle install --deployment --without development
$ rake bberg:create_exe

This creates a folder with a .exe in ../bberg-package/windows/

NOTE: you need rawr installed (outside of bundler) for this to work. We can't use rawr inside of bundler since we then get a copy of rawr among the vendor gems.

Copyright (c) 2010 pts

See LICENSE for details.