Guard CUnit Build Status

CUnit Guard allows you to run/watch Unit test for C modules, or anything other that works with Makefile

Has basic parser for CUnit tests. Current TODO is to add also for CppUtest and Unity


Need to have guard and also some of the notifiers that guard uses

otherwise, get the gemfile and install it:

$ gem install guard-cunit

Already can be found on


Generating the Guardfile is like all the other

$ guard init cunit

The file by default looks like this:

# A sample Guardfile
# More info at

# Cunit Guardfile - keep dflt builders after guard watcher's block
guard 'cunit' do
      watch(%r{((.+)\.c$)|((.+)\.h$)|((M|m)akefile$)} ) 

set_builder "make"
set_cleaner "make clean"
cunit_runner "./#{File.basename(Dir.getwd)}_unit"
libdir "#{Dir.getwd}"

After the guard block are the new methods from Guardfile DSL, which are used for the tasks needed to be performed on running the build/tests


For all other stuff related to guard's usage please read Guard usage doc


Run rspec in top directory of the project or guard-rspec


  • fix all bugs :)
  • add parser for more Unit tests frameworks
  • add hook for coverage
  • something about automatic mock generation ???
  • ... whatever wind blows ...


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