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Repository for Dovico API management.


Dovico authentication

Dovico provide a way to generate a 3rd party token. This token provide a full access to your account:

  • Do not expose your token.
  • If you believe your token has been exposed publicly, regenerate a new one. The previous token will be invalidated.

To generate a token:

Local configuration

  • Create a new YAML file ~/.dovico/dovico.yml with the following content:
# Personal token. Can be reset through Dovico setting page
user_token: "<token you have copied from page>"
# Your company's token
client_token: "<token given by your company's dovico admin>"

Install required libraries

  • Install Ruby 2.4.0
  • make install

Setup your default timesheet

  • List the available tasks with make tasks
$ make tasks
== List of available projects ==
Project | Task | Description
   1200 |  100 | Sauron Project: Forge the One Ring
   1200 |  110 | Sauron Project: Attack Gondor
   1400 |  100 | Gandalf Project: Meet Bilbo
   1400 |  120 | Gandalf Project: Convince Frodo
   1600 |  100 | Frodo Project: Go home
  • For each tasks you work on, note the Project, Task and hours spent. You should have a total of 7 hours of work each day.
  • In your ~/.dovico/dovico.yml file, append it with the following content
# Personal token. Can be reset through Dovico setting page
user_token: "...."
# Your company's token
client_token: "...."
    - project_id: 1234
      task_id:    100
      hours:      3
    - project_id: 9999
      task_id:    120
      hours:      2
    - project_id: 4321
      task_id:    424
      hours:      2
  # Quotes around day are mandatory
  # On leave: use an empty array
  '2016-01-17': []
  # Specific day: redefine each tasks
    - project_id: 1234
      task_id:    456
      hours:      6
    - project_id: 4321
      task_id:    424
      hours:      1


Display informations on your account

make myself

Display the list of the tasks

make tasks

Fill the timesheet

For the current week

make current_week

For today

make today

For a specific commercial week

make week WEEK=49

Year can be set too: make week YEAR=2015 WEEK=40

For a specific day

make day DAY=2017-12-31

Restrictions and known issues

  • The client can't edit already created timesheets for now.

You are warmly welcome to contribute to the project!

Dovico API Documentation