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This is a gem to access the amiando REST API. You can check the original documentation here:


Simply install with:

gem install amiando

To parse the json results we use the multi_json gem. We suggest that you add at least one fast json parsing library, like json or yajl-ruby. Otherwise it will use multi_json's bundled json parser.

Basic usage

The gem has been implemented with the idea that requests can be done in parallel using Typhoeus.

You can query multiple requests and run then like this:

albert = Amiando::User.find(1234)
jorge  = Amiando::User.find(5678)

Both requests will happen in parallel.

You can also do synchronous requests by prepending 'sync_' to the method name:

albert = Amiando::User.sync_find(1234)


All attributes should be used in snake_case format instead of the CamelCase used in the official documentation. For example, for a user, you should call first_name instead of firstName.


The full amiando API isn't fully implemented yet, however you can find here the ones currently available.