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This class isn't loaded at runtime but serves to document all of the notifications implemented as part of the standard interface. The reporter will issue these during a normal test suite run, but a formatter will only receive those notifications it has registered itself to receive. To register a formatter call:

::RSpec::Core::Formatters.register class, :list, :of, :notifications


::RSpec::Core::Formatters.register self, :start, :example_started

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Constructor Details

- (void) initialize

# File 'lib/rspec/core/formatters/protocol.rb', line 20

Instance Method Details

- (void) close

Invoked at the very end, close allows the formatter to clean up resources, e.g. open streams, etc.

# File 'lib/rspec/core/formatters/protocol.rb', line 160

- (void) dump_failures

Dumps detailed information about each example failure.

# File 'lib/rspec/core/formatters/protocol.rb', line 115

- (void) dump_pending

Outputs a report of pending examples. This gets invoked after the summary if option is set to do so.

# File 'lib/rspec/core/formatters/protocol.rb', line 143

- (void) dump_profile

This method is invoked after the dumping the summary if profiling is enabled.

# File 'lib/rspec/core/formatters/protocol.rb', line 133

- (void) dump_summary

This method is invoked after the dumping of examples and failures. Each parameter is assigned to a corresponding attribute.

# File 'lib/rspec/core/formatters/protocol.rb', line 123

- (void) example_failed

Invoked when an example fails.

# File 'lib/rspec/core/formatters/protocol.rb', line 81

- (void) example_group_finished

Invoked at the end of the execution of each example group.

# File 'lib/rspec/core/formatters/protocol.rb', line 49

- (void) example_group_started

This method is invoked at the beginning of the execution of each example group.

The next method to be invoked after this is #example_passed, #example_pending, or #example_group_finished.

# File 'lib/rspec/core/formatters/protocol.rb', line 38

- (void) example_passed

Invoked when an example passes.

# File 'lib/rspec/core/formatters/protocol.rb', line 65

- (void) example_pending

Invoked when an example is pending.

# File 'lib/rspec/core/formatters/protocol.rb', line 73

- (void) example_started

Invoked at the beginning of the execution of each example.

# File 'lib/rspec/core/formatters/protocol.rb', line 57

- (void) message

Used by the reporter to send messages to the output stream.

# File 'lib/rspec/core/formatters/protocol.rb', line 89

- (void) start

This method is invoked before any examples are run, right after they have all been collected. This can be useful for special formatters that need to provide progress on feedback (graphical ones).

This will only be invoked once, and the next one to be invoked is #example_group_started.

# File 'lib/rspec/core/formatters/protocol.rb', line 25

- (void) start_dump

This method is invoked after all of the examples have executed. The next method to be invoked after this one is #dump_failures (BaseTextFormatter then calls #dump_failure once for each failed example.)

# File 'lib/rspec/core/formatters/protocol.rb', line 105

- (void) stop

Invoked after all examples have executed, before dumping post-run reports.

# File 'lib/rspec/core/formatters/protocol.rb', line 97